CNC Woodcutters offers a full suite of marketing services to help you improve your website, brand identity, and social media to get you noticed by customers!

We offer a free one-hour consultation to talk about your business needs and what audiences you want to reach. We also offer marketing services if you already know what you need and just want to get it done. 

Marketing Audit Services

These services are for business owners who are hiring their first marketing person and want to give them direction, or for folks who are doing marketing on their own and have plateaued with reach or engagement and want to break through to the next level of exposure.

  • Social media review - Review social media accounts, evaluate content, and suggest improvements
  • Email marketing review - Review 3 most recent email marketing pieces, evaluate content, and suggest improvements
  • Event marketing review - Review last in-person event prep/results, evaluate and suggest improvements
  • Website review - Review website content and lead generation tools, suggest improvements
  • Paid Ad review - Review paid ad strategy and suggest improvements
  • Print Ad review - Evaluating print ad efforts, analyzing ROI, and suggesting improvements
  • Promotional product review - Identify unique promotional item options for your business model and use case; learn how to measure impact with your giveaway items. Free with promotional item purchase of $500+

Marketing Creation Services

Know what you need to do but don't have time to do it? We offer services to help level-up your email marketing, social media marketing, or website on a limited basis.  

  • Social media content creation - creating social media strategy and creating 10 evergreen promotional posts
  • Email marketing automation creation - reviewing your email marketing platform, identifying automation opportunities, creating up to 5 automation, and documenting them in case future changes are needed
  • Event marketing strategy creation - Reviewing upcoming events, discussing your booth design, and outreach strategies; creating your marketing pitch and decision tree; how to follow up on leads
  • Paid Ad creation - Identifying an ideal platform and creating a paid ad campaign.  
  • Print Ad creation - Identifying print ad opportunities, creating one print campaign, and working with printer to proof

Free consultations available! 

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