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The Doll House

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Had this great idea to build a doll house for my granddaughter that's 3yrs old. It all started one rainy day that at that time we just happen to be baby sitting our granddaughter. I believe it all started with come sit with me and I'll draw you a doll house and make it in the garage. So it started I fished out of the closet the 20' HDMI cable and attached my laptop to the 75" TV. As I drew away I thought to myself why not design it with self interlocking tabs and then program the CNC to do 100% of the machining outside of the rough sizing preparation.

Here's the final product, I'll share my progress in photos. I did not use Baltic Birch on one this one in the photos and learned that cheap plywood is just that cheap plywood. I made another out of Birch and it looked much better in appearance and the layers held together better. Used a all the bits I have listed on my website.

Software used; CorelDRAW, Solidworks, Fusion 360 CAM

Recommend Wood Used

1/4" BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD 18" x 24" - 2pack


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