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Wine Staves and Towel Holders

Wine Staves and Towel Holders

Oregon Wine Barrel Staves that have been repurposed into towel holders.  We have standard designs or if you would like something custom.     Send us an email with your Saying, Logo's and Images to and we'll make it happen!!

  • Finishing Stave Towel Holders

    Staves and mount will be stained with neutral stain unless client would like something different. 

  • Cost for Engraving

    Cost of  Wine Stave Towel holder will include the Laser Engraving of Clients Image or Text.

  • Design Time will be Extra

    If your image or art is not laser ready. we will notify you that there could be extra charges to correct the issues.

  • Delivery

    Delivery times range from 1-2 days from time of ordering

  • Wall Mounting

    Stave Towel Holders will include (4) Screws w/ drywall inserts.

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