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Our Manufacturing & Design Services


100 Watt CO2 Laser

Our CO2 Laser can cut & engraved multiple types of non-metallic material types

Work area is 24" x 36" with a working height of 10" the machine can pass through 1" thick materials.  Rotary fixture enable

30 Watt Fiber Laser

Our Fiber laser can remove material or surface mark on almost all metal/aluminum & plastics

Work area Lens are 100/200/300mm Rotary fixture enable

4' x 8' CNC Router

Our CNC can handle 4' wide x unlimited length due to the ability pass material though on the 4' direction on the machine.  We have 6" of travel on the Z Axis and 4th Axis up-to 12" Dia x 8' Long


Design & Prototype

CNC Wood Cutters can help you develop a new product from idea to working prototype.  We have a wide array of design tools to assist in that effort and can help guide you through the whole process in the most cost effective manner.

Design Software's


Industrial Part Marking & Equipment Tags

Do you produce a part or product that needs part markings?  CNC Wood Cutters can mark your parts that are flat or round without damaging the parts and with a professional appearance.   We can handle small or large batch marking projects with quick turnaround times.

Part Marking Methods
Fiber Laser- on all metals and plastic
CO2 Laser - on Wood, Glass, and Anodized aluminum or painted surfaces


Templates, Special Tools and Stencils

Do you have a project that requires holes and shapes to be laid out over and over or you need a particular angle to be checked and you can't find the tool to check it or you need a stencil that you use to mark boxes or items being shipped.  

Contact us as we can provide that custom solution to make your job easier and add value to your business.  


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